Once Fears are Grounded, Dreams Take Flight.
— Unknown

our mission

CirqFIT believes that everyone can be successful and achieve their fitness goals thru training in the circus arts.  We believe this success begins with training skilled and supportive instructors on how to teach the circus arts so it is successful for everyone of all fitness levels.

What is a Cirqfit teacher training?

CirqFIT teacher training program is a 2-Day immersion training comprised of lecture, movement, physical training and mock instruction.  You will learn class planning and teaching techniques that will keep your class safe, fun and successful for everyone.

How is the cirqfit teacher certification different that other teacher trainings?

CirqFIT teacher training not only teaches the skills but breaks down the movements in detail so anyone can become a successful CirqFIT instructor.  CirqFIT teacher training also teaches proper class planning and sequencing so that class students have a successful experience at any fitness level.

Pieces to the CirqFIT teacher certification...

  • CirqFIT Instructor Manual
  • CirqFIT Written Exam
  • CirqFIT Practical Exam
  • CirqFIT Instructional Videos
  • CirqFIT Website