Building a bridge between Circus Arts and Group Fitness.


CirqFIT believes that everyone can be successful and achieve their fitness goals thru training in the circus arts.  We believe this success begins with the detailed training of skilled and supportive instructors on how to teach the circus arts so it is successful for everyone of all fitness levels.


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Why is CirqFIT Lyra Instructor Training the Best?

You will learn 50+ Moves including Progressions, Regressions and Variations
Mounts, Dismounts, Poses, Rolls, Drops and more
Detailed Spotting Workshop
Teaching Process Workshop that will set every student up for success
Strength & Conditioning
Class Planning
Combinations & Transitions
Embodying the Roll of "Ring"Leader
Basic Rigging
Detailed Manual with Step-by-Step Photos of each movement
Online Video Library Access of all moves taught in class and additional resources
....and more

Getting certified as a CirqFit Lyra instructor has been one of the greatest experiences as a fitness professional. Not only was the course very complete and thorough, it was also a lot of fun! It teaches you to make every class challenging, fun and successful to all your students. What I like most about this certification is that it makes it very accessible to people in all fitness levels. This program puts a major emphasis on community and continuing your education, which leaves you with a sense of family and support that I greatly appreciated. Many thanks to its amazing leader: Karri. She is instrumental in the huge success of the training program. Highly recommended!
— Victoria Davila

Would the CirqFIT Lyra Instructor Training be the right fit for me?

Do you love sharing your passion for Aerial Hoop with others?
Do you find that you are always helping others in your Aerial Hoop classes?
Have you done some other aerial apparatus but would like to try out Aerial Hoop?
Do you currently take Aerial Hoop classes but would like to expand your knowledge base?
Do you teach other group fitness modalities but would like to try something new and exciting?
Are you considering competing or performing Aerial Hoop?
Are you just looking for something fun and challenging?

CirqFIT Lyra teacher training built my confidence as a Lyra lover and instructor. The detailed program mapped out the proper way to enter a pose, how to safely spot, show progression, regression, and variations. I felt comfortable throughout the training and secure about my ability as an instructor. I would highly recommend this training to anyone who is serious about Lyra life!
— Allison Donofrio


Find out about our program, mission, our training, and our vision of success for all who take our classes.

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Class in action

Are you ready to take flight? Check out some our CirqFIT students in action.

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